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Visit Alexandria’s Waterfront Parks on a Sunny Fall Day

There’s something so special about the fall season. The leaves begin to fall, the temperatures begin to cool, providing the perfect respite from the summer heat. It’s the best time to get outdoors and explore close to home!

A perfect way to experience nature with some incredible views and a crisp fall breeze is the waterfront parks that line the Potomac River. Many don’t realize just how stunning the area can be once you leave the city! The waterfront parks in Alexandria span over 25-acres of lush green space and views, with a total of eight parks.

For those looking for the perfect picnic spot, try Harborside/Shipyard Park which provides spectacular views of the National Harbor for a picture-perfect afternoon. If getting active is more your style, check out the trails and volleyball courts at Founders Park. Art lovers will cherish the sculpted landscape at Tide Lock Park which boasts the Promenade Classique sculpture garden with neat water features.

No matter what adventure you’re in search of, there is a waterfront park in Alexandria calling your name. You can explore them all and decide which may be your best fit on the Visit Alexandria website.