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Del Ray Cafe: Locally Sourced, Organic Fare Inspired by France

There are a lot of words that could describe an ideal meal. Three of these? Local. Natural. Organic. 

These three words also make up the tagline to the Del Ray Cafe. The Del Ray team features seasonal, high-quality ingredients (they even ensure their full restaurant is peanut-free to avoid safety issues for those with allergies) for everyday meals or special events. Currently, their brunch and dinner menus are available daily for carryout. This means you can get dozens of meals or sides ready for you to enjoy without the extra effort of cooking. From a crôque monsieur and chocolate croissant to start your day to French onion soup and fried calamari to end it, you’ll find something delicious at the Del Ray Cafe. 

Why so many French-inspired items on the menu, you ask? Co-owner Laurent Janowsky grew up in the Alsace region of France, where he grew his appreciation for French cuisine, and he still returns in the summer to visit family and “renew his spirit” as inspiration for his work back here in Alexandria. 

With healthy ingredients and French flavors, you too can experience the taste of France that so inspires Janowsky. Carryout your favorite choices and take a bite—close your eyes and you might just find yourself wandering the French countryside.