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Treat Your Bike to a Tune-Up at Wheel Nuts Bike Shop

This time of year is the perfect time to start scheduling a regular bike ride. We’re especially lucky here in Alexandria with an assortment of trails like the 18-mile Mount Vernon Trail, the 40-mile North Bethesda Trail, and the 184-mile Chesapeake & Ohio Towpath. And, with Wheel Nuts Bike Shop, you make sure your biking arsenal is ready for whenever you want to hit the trail. 

The Wheel Nuts staff are passionate about all things bikes and it shows. co-owners Ron and Trina Taylor and mechanics Ray Felsecker, Courtland Chavis, and Chris Yesmont have a variety of interests ranging from food to surfing, but all share a love of biking. Backed with the know-how to sell, repair, and rent bicycles to riders of every level and style. 

Wheel Nuts Bike Shop offers lifetime manufacturer’s warranties on each bike’s frame and 1-3 year warranties on individual components. They also offer maintenance services, as well as tools for safety, security, comfort, fun, and more. Wheel Nuts is an authorized dealer for brands like Jamis, Raleigh, Soma, and Surly. They even offer gift cards, so you can share the fun!