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Treat Your Four-Legged Friend to a New Toy From The Dog Park

If you spoil your pet (or just want to give Fido an occasional special treat), then a trip to The Dog Park might be just what you’re looking for. This Alexandria pet shop (which, despite its name, carries products for both dogs and cats) positions itself as a specialty pet boutique where you’ll find all kinds of unique, whimsical, fun–and necessary–items for your furry companions.

You’ll find pet coats/sweaters that range from glamorous (think chiffon and artificial flowers) to purely utilitarian (think yellow rain coats), as well as a true doggie bakery filled with pet-friendly treats designed to look like cookies, ice cream cones, cupcakes, and more. Store shelves are filled with all-natural pet foods, as well as toys, enrichment games, beds, harnesses, and more.

Don’t forget: whenever Fido shops with you, he’ll get a yummy doggie-treat from the staff.