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Expect Authentic Peruvian Fare at El Saltado

Newly opened El Saltado in Alexandria strikes the perfect balance between approachable, comforting food and authentic Peruvian flair. The menu includes plenty of classic dishes, like a variety of saltado entrees and ceviche options. But for Peruvian-food novices, the roast chicken and straightforward sides taste like all-American cuisine. 

El Saltado is a casual spot, where you order at the counter and then grab a seat. It’s a great addition to King Street for when you want something flavorful and fast, but don’t have the time for a full sit-down experience. The specialties also make a delicious option for takeout that’s on par with what you’d prepare at home. El Saltado offers online ordering directly from the restaurant’s site, along with catering for parties both large and small. The next time you’re out running errands in Alexandria or picking up a few items at King Street plaza, give them a try.

 El Saltado is located on the left side of the plaza (on the end with the Rite-Aid), and opens daily at 11 a.m.