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Now Open Near The Porter Del Ray: Bagel Uprising

Breakfast just got a little more delicious now that Bagel Uprising has debuted its first permanent brick-and-mortar location in Alexandria. The bagels at Bagel Uprising are surprising simple, yet utterly divine. It starts with the classic flavors: plain, salt, everything, poppy, and sesame. Those are the only flavors at Bagel Uprising, and frankly, the only ones you’ll need. Then add a schmear of cream cheese or classic sandwich-style toppings and you’re set. And after much trial and error, Bagel Uprising has cracked the code on the perfect bagel size. Not so big that you have to unbutton your jeans, but substantial enough that you can actually tell you ate something. 

Arrive at work with a sack of bagels, and become the MVP of the office! Bagel Uprising is open daily (except Tuesdays) until 3 p.m., or until they run out of bagels.